2009 YZ 250f

Its been a long time since an update, and I have been having a hard time finding any project bikes.  I think that may change soon, as I have plans to pick up a bike this Friday.

Since I loved the recent 06 yz 250f that I just rebuilt and sold, I decided to try to find one for myself.  I ran a Craigslist ad offering my RMz 450 for trade on a 250f or just as a cash sale.  I had little response for about a week, but I finally got a call from someone offering me a 2009 yz 25of as an even trade for my 450.  Since this was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, I jumped on it and bid farewell to el toro the elbow mangler (my 450).

After looking the bike over, it has some minor cosmetic blemishes, but mechanically its sound.  The chain, sprockets, brake pads and front tire are all original.  This tells me it has low hours.  I’m guessing around 30 since the drive train shows little wear.  This bike is completely stock from the ground up.  Even has the original bars and grips on it.  Here is the list of goodies that I have ordered so far:

  • All new blue plastics plus white number plates. (polisport kit)
  • 2 sets of one industries graphics.
  • Custom printed name/number plates.
  • lexx tunable exhaust slip-on with mid-pipe.
  • 4.9kg/mm Titanium shock spring.  (standard on 09’s is a steel spring that is 1.5lbs heavier)
  • #40 leak jet.  (helps eliminate the bog coming off idle that seems to be standard on 250f’s)
  • SenDec hour meter/tach.

And here are the mods I have either done or am planning to do:

  • Re-jetting carb to get better throttle response and to match new pipe.
  • Re-shimmed valves since they were on the borderline of being too tight.
  • Dropping bike off early next week with Dave @ fastbikeindustries.com to suspension serviced, re-sprung, sag set, and tuned.

Here is what it looked like when I brought it home:

More to come soon.  I am anxiously awaiting for my parts to arrive!

Update 2/7/10:

Over the weekend, I stripped the bike down and did some cleaning and installed the new leak jet, hour meter, cleaned the air filter, and just went over everything while doing some cleaning.  I got all new plastics and graphics but I am still waiting on my custom-printed name and number plates to arrive, so I will post up new pics when I get them installed.

That’s it for now.  I’m dropping it off tomorrow morning to get my suspension tuned so I’ll probably post pics of the final build on Tues or Wed.

Update 2/14/2010:

I picked up the bike last Wednesday from Dave @ Fast Bike Industries.  He replaced all the bushings and seals in the forks and also dialed in the suspension for my weight.  He set the static and rider sag for both the front and rear with me on the bike wearing my gear in order to get it as accurate as possible.  His work is top-notch and I recommend him to anyone looking for suspension work for either off-road or street.  His website is www.fastbikeindustries.com

I also got my graphics + custom-printed number plate graphics installed.  Here are a few pics:

I am ready to go ride this thing as soon as the weather gets better.

Author: joedean

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