1997 Suzuki Savage LS 650 Head Gasket, Clutch, and general TLC

Last weekend I had the opportunity to buy this beauty.  Its a 97 Suzuki Savage with 29k miles and a clear title.  It needs a few things, but for the price I paid for it, I figured it will be a fun build.  I don’t normally have any interest in cruisers whatsoever, but this may be fun to ride around on for a while and then put it up for sale.

First things first, it needs a head gasket.  The previous owner made me aware of this before buying.  I didn’t think that would be a big deal, but when I got a service manual for it, I was disappointed to find out that the motor has to be removed from the frame in order to remove the head.

Also, I was told that it needs a clutch.  Well I assumed that meant it had “worn out” plates or a basket and not “the clutch assembly was stolen off the bike then the cover was put back on”  So I have sourced a used clutch assembly and a few other things that are on the way.

Other items it needs are:

  • Gaskets for the clutch cover, stator cover, head, valve cover, and cylinder
  • Speedometer cable
  • Battery
  • Starter solenoid

There are probably a few other things I am forgetting, but ill get to those later.

If anyone is interested in buying it when its complete and restored, contact me.

Edit:  I lost interest in the project and sold it to a friend.  He has finished it and you can see how it looks in the final picture.  I think I will stick to dirt bikes!

Author: joedean

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