Powder coating rear sets

Here are some rear sets that a customer wanted powder coated.  We decided to go with flat black.  He also wanted to have the fasteners coated.  I took a small piece of steel plate and drilled and tapped threads into it so I could thread the bolts and screws into the steel and have them stay put while they were sandblasted, coated, and baked.  When coating aluminum, it is important that the item be “de-gassed” prior to applying the powder.  Aluminum is more porous than steel and thus grease and oils tend to hide out in these small orifices.  Essentially, by cooking the items after sandblasting but before applying the powder allows the oil and grease to be cooked out, however it must then be sandblasted again. So the process goes as such:

  • Sandblast
  • Bake (de-gas)
  • Sandblast
  • Spray with iron phosphate and let dry
  • Coat with powder
  • Bake

You can see the final product in the pictures.  This process took me a little over an hour, and greatly enhances the look of these rear sets.

Author: joedean

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