Powder Coating

As I mentioned in my previous post, I now have the ability to powder coat small parts. I bought a used household oven to cure the powder, so at this time I can not do anything large such as rims, frames, etc., but I can do any small parts. If anyone is interested in having some parts coated, I currently have a limited stock of colors available. Matte Black, Glossy Black, Blue, and Red. If you want custom colors, just go to columbiacoatings.com and purchase the color you want. I can turn these around pretty quickly, and my standard hourly labor rate of $40 applies. If you have anything of odd size or requires excessive sandblasting, or multiple colors, then expect it to take more time.

Below is a picture of my personal bike. This color is “super mirror blue TGIC”. In the future, I plan to coat the clutch and stator covers in glossy black to freshen them up a bit.

For more detailed pictures, click here:

2009 YZ 250f Gallery

For powder coating services, please email or call me and we will get started right away.

Author: joedean

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