Upcoming Posts, Projects, and New Services

I apologize for the long delay in posts.  I have been really busy working on finding new work,  building my personal bikes, and learning some new things.

Over the weekend I picked up 2 bikes for repair work; a TTR 230 and a PW80 that do not run.  I’ll be doing some basic servicing and fixing some minor problems and get them running and ready for spring.  I also bought a really beat up 96 CR 125 that I will either build or part out.

Lately I decided I wanted to powder coat some parts on my 250f and after reading up on the process, I realized I already had most of the tools to do it, so I bought a few more things and now I can powder coat small parts.  I can soon offer this to my customers as an add-on service.  I will be able to return bikes not just better than they were before, but completely customized to their own color preference.  I don’t think any dealer offers that!

As soon as I can get all this information compiled and the associated time to do it, I’ll post it up.


Author: joedean

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