2005 CRF 450R Supermoto

I decided to trade my long-loved Husky for this CRF 450R Supermoto.  It has many nice upgrades on it, however it is definitely in need of some TLC and service.  The most attractive part of this bike is that it is TAGGED!  It may not seem like such an amazing thing, but in the state of NC, it is near impossible to tag a bike that started life as an off-road only machine.  This bike came with a clear VA title.  Once the vehicle has been titled in another state, NC will allow you to transfer it in with no problem.

The electrical was a complete mess, so I basically removed the baja designs dual sport kit and started over from scratch trying to sort the electrical all out.  Now that I have that mostly under control, I moved into the motor, chassis, and suspension.  I removed the clutch cover, and much to my suprise I found an STM slipper clutch installed on this bike.

Since the internals of this bike are unknown, I removed the entire top end down to the connecting rod.  The cylinder is on its original bore with the factory cross-hatching, the forged piston looks like it was installed recently, all top end measurements are still within factory spec.  After some cleaning, and installing a new wristpin, circlips, and gaskets, its going back together.

Inside the carb I found a clogged pilot jet which is fairly common on any FCR carb that has been sitting a while, but more disturbingly I found the needle clip position in the top position.  Perhaps this in conjunction with the clogged pilot jet was causing the popping and backfiring prior to me tearing it down.

The suspension is being serviced and re-valved by Fast Bike Industries and should be done later this week, so hopefully I can have it road-worthy by the weekend.  More pics to follow.

Author: joedean

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